The Supremacy of Music

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So my mom sent me a box of some old keepsakes the other day and I found this poem that I wrote in my high school Lit class. I think it’s evident that I was probably attempting to sound smarter than I was/am and use a higher level of vocabulary than I knew/know. Nevertheless, it seemed worth posting, if for no other value than entertainment. Having completely forgotten about this poem, I’m pretty excited to have come across it! Anyway, here it is below in italics to add to the ambiance (pronounced ahh-mmm-be-ahhnce and in a British accent):

“The Supremacy of Music”
by Jonathan Wisdom

If such a sound could soothe the softest soul,
Then such a sound could my own heart console.
Thy perfect form gives structure to my mind,
While only to your euphoric bliss confined.

Thy beauty in every single note lives
Such that beyond melodic sound it gives.
But beauty every man can sure define,
While perfection is in itself refined.

You never fail to free me from my grief.
In times of trouble you offer me relief.
The only way to show my true affection
Is to spread the nature of thy perfection.

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