“River Street”, Mousertime, and Thrilla Voutila

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Just a quick “re blog” here with my friends John Mouser and Rob Voutila. ┬áMouser has this great site (Mousertime) where he interviews tons of artists all the time (Relient K, Matthew Mayfield, Reese Roper, Patrick Stump, Emery, and many many more). ┬áSeriously, I don’t know how he gets hooked up with some of these world famous artists, but he does a great job with it!

Just saw today that he did a video and interview with my buddy, Rob. ┬áRob and I have done lots of music together in the past (click here for videos) so I’m really excited to hear more of his new music!

Anyway, click the photo below to check out the video and interview!

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