Release day!

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So today is a very exciting day! Not only is it America’s glorious birthday, but it is also the release day for my band’s very first full length album! That’s right, we watched the clock tick down to midnight to see our album go live on iTunes! If you want to check it out on iTunes, just click the picture above! Or if you prefer, it’s available on Amazon MP3 and too!

Work and rest: What God’s Word says and how society responds (Part 2 of ?)

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“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” – Mark 2:27 ________________________________________________________________________ I’m not sure who this post will be most helpful for: workaholics who have a hard time resting, or “rest-aholics” who don’t work enough or even know how to really rest. Either way, I hope this can encourage you in some way. The purpose of this post is not to dive in to whether the Sabbath is really on Saturday, Sunday, or whatever day you think it should be (that would be a much longer discussion and one in which I’m probably not qualified to lead). […]

Work and rest: What God’s Word says and how society responds (Part 1 of ?)

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(First of all, I do not expect nor intend this to be an all encompassing, comprehensive review on what Scripture says about work, but will do my best to cover some highlights and direct you to further reading if you are interested. Furthermore, I will submit and let Scripture do most of the talking.) What is work? I think it’s important to start by taking a look at how work was intended to be. This brings us to the very beginning of Scripture in the book of Genesis. Believe it or not, humans were meant to work. In its original […]

Do what you love… no, really!

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Do what you love… no, really! So about 6 months ago I read a book called “Quitter” by Jon Acuff.  And soon after reading it, I quit my well paying, secure, full time job as an accountant. … Yes, that’s actually a true story.  But it’s not what you think.  B didn’t happen as a direct effect of A, but they more so happened to occur in the same relative time frame of my life.  However, I have to admit that the book did help me organize my thoughts, plans, and course of action to get from where I was […]

Stop keeping score

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Often times in life we try and keep score.  Whether in sports, playing a video game, or just in our minds when we keep track of who “owes you one.”  Maybe it’s at your job? Couldn’t salaries be viewed as an overall score of how well we’re doing in life?  Additionally, some religions and worldviews even operate on a basis of “earning” your way to the afterlife or to abundance. Are you winning? How would you even know? So a few days ago, I scored the game winning run in my softball league’s championship game!  That part was great, but […]

Hello! & Goodbye!

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So I wanted to introduce my new site with a post I made on my band’s website in February.  I posted this about our new album that we’re releasing soon.  If you want to read more about some of the posts that came before and after this one, check out our Kickstarter updates. Feb 8, 2012: What does “This is goodnight, this is goodbye” mean to me? First of all, I just want to say I really love how the title of this album came together.  We were sitting around in a hotel last year before the “All Access Music […]