Because You’re Mine EP Out Today

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Last year, Emily challenged me to write a song for our son. As we eagerly awaited his arrival, I began to think and pray about fatherhood. Feeling very under-qualified for this position, this project gave me the opportunity to explore God’s own love for me as my Father in heaven and reflect upon how my earthly father loved me so well. All of this added together to mark the beginning of this project where anticipating fatherhood illuminated some new insights into the Gospel. Although I had not yet met my son, Nathan, I loved him to death. For no other reason than because he is my son; because he is mine. There is nothing he had done or could ever do to earn my love, but he sure did posses it. It made me think of how God looks at His children and loves us because we belong to Him. Not for anything we have done or could ever do, but simply because we belong to Him; because we are His. I hope this music is an encouragement to you. It sure has been to me.

Because You're Mine


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