Sabbatizing! (what’s that?!)

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In my last blog post we started exploring what it meant to truly rest and the importance of taking a weekly Sabbath. We looked at some supporting Scripture, I referenced a sermonĀ from my RUF campus pastor, and then threw in my two cents. Now I want to take a look at how we can actively observe the Sabbath. “Rest and think about God” – A child like faith can be very encouraging sometimes! I find it interesting that the Commandment about the Sabbath is one of the two that are written as a “thou shalt” instead of a “thou shalt […]

Release day!

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So today is a very exciting day! Not only is it America’s glorious birthday, but it is also the release day for my band’s very first full length album! That’s right, we watched the clock tick down to midnight to see our album go live on iTunes! If you want to check it out on iTunes, just click the picture above! Or if you prefer, it’s available on Amazon MP3 and too!