Stop keeping score

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Often times in life we try and keep score.  Whether in sports, playing a video game, or just in our minds when we keep track of who “owes you one.”  Maybe it’s at your job? Couldn’t salaries be viewed as an overall score of how well we’re doing in life?  Additionally, some religions and worldviews even operate on a basis of “earning” your way to the afterlife or to abundance. Are you winning? How would you even know? So a few days ago, I scored the game winning run in my softball league’s championship game!  That part was great, but […]

White Flag (1 guy, 8 t-shirts)

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Last night I got a glimpse into the life of a video editor, and I’m still debating on how much further down that road I want to go… I have to admit, though, it’s really cool to see the finished product.  So after 5 hours of filming/recording and another 5 hours of editing (I know, I know, real video editors. That’s really not all that much time! But it’s a start.) I finally have my first video to post! In addition, I’ve entered it into this competition where to win some cool stuff from Dave Barnes and he’ll post […]